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Friday, July 18, 2008

WOW! What a doll! (or dolls, as the case may be!)

For those of you keeping up with the happenings at Dorcas, we have new members of the "family" - Amy of www.artfulheart.blogspot.com created 4 fabulous Dorcas Dolls and donated them. Aren't they wonderful? Aren't 4 women going to be especially blessed by the gifting of them? Thank you thank you THANK YOU, Amy. And blessings back to you. ~ Mo


My Artful Heart said...

So glad to be of help to this wonderful charity that you created to give hope and healing to women out there :)If anymore little "healing sisters" come to "visit" me, I will send them your way!

Much love and hugs!

Elizabeth said...

These dolls are terrific!So glad to see that word is spreading! you are such an inspiration! Perhaps once Love Squared is wrapped up you should put out a call for more dolls for Dorcas?????!!!!!!

david santos said...