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I'm a passionate God-chaser who is longing to squeeze as much out of this life as was intended. I'm searching for answers and a deeper relationship with Abba, and in the meantime I want to explore my life and myself and other people in every way possible. And it's highly likely that my passion for mixed media art will occasionally be the vehicle I accomplish that with. Stay tuned...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Play time

Well, I actually played for a bit in my studio over the holiday weekend. Not long, but it sure felt good! I made a couple of necklaces for my own enjoyment, as I'm tired of wearing the necklace I've worn continuously for the past 3 years. And at church yesterday a woman stopped me and ordered one for herself without even asking a price. Now that's some inspiration! I also managed to work on some charms for a fundraiser/charm exchange hosted by AmberDawn at inventivesoul.blogspot.com. I'll have to post pix of those when I'm completely finished. *sigh* It sure feels good to be doing something again... maybe I'm on a roll???


inventivesoul said...

~*Mo*~, These pendants are lovely!
Amber Dawn

Elizabeth said...

Yes you are on a roll!!! Way to go girlfriend!! I bet that it feels good to be back at it!! So proud of you!!
Big Hugs!