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I'm a passionate God-chaser who is longing to squeeze as much out of this life as was intended. I'm searching for answers and a deeper relationship with Abba, and in the meantime I want to explore my life and myself and other people in every way possible. And it's highly likely that my passion for mixed media art will occasionally be the vehicle I accomplish that with. Stay tuned...

Friday, February 12, 2010


Sometimes I joke that I don't really MAKE art, I just read books about it. And it's even kinda true. As inspiration and/or time have not always coincided, I find I can feed my soul by looking at others' art. And usually the juices will get going and I'll do SOMETHING... even if it's clear out and reorganize my supplies. But I also occasionally create, as evidenced by the numerous items I sold at the local art center's holiday gallery. Soooo... I took a portion of that money and reinvested it in.... yup, you guessed it.... BOOKS! (Editorial note: I also confessed to myself yesterday that I am a collector of books... books make me happy, and if I NEVER create from them again, they alone are worth my time. So there, nagging conscience!....).

Anyhoo.... these books I got are WONDER-FULL! Take a gander...

This one is page after page after page of incredible recycled/reused/repurposed art. I have to look at it in small doses to prevent sensory overload.

I am so excited about this one. It's a series of exercises to introduce new techniques and jump-start creativity. FUN FUN FUN!

And this one is.... well, it's just.... lovely. The author has chronicled her own symbolisms and poetry, and then included simple exercises for those of us reading to sensitize our own thought processes and interpretations. Assemblage is an art form I've done a few things in, but lately have felt a tugging to explore more of. So I'm really thrilled at this lovely guide.

There ya have it - my new inspirations! Now... about that time thing....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The journey back...

Well, I was shocked when I logged on here to discover that it's been exactly a year since my last post. It's been a year filled with many changes, many awakenings, sadness and loss, and recovery and hope. In other words, just life happening. Now, in an effort to renew Dorcas' activities and presence (see www.dorcasproject.org) and also my own life, I want to try once again to blog.

One of my New Years' resolutions this year was to journal more - and that has evolved into a fun exercise into the world of art journaling. From time to time I may post some of my pages (if they're not too personal - or maybe even if they are... heck, if more of us would dare to be real, how much more could we connect and love?). I also hope to spend more time in my studio creating, and I'll try to get better at photographing those efforts. (hint: I'm TERRIBLE at remembering to take pictures...).

And I want to keep this blog up-to-date on what's happening with Dorcas. One of the exciting things happening right now is getting a new fund-raising effort underway. I've formed a little offshoot company called "Pink Poppy" and it will be unique custom-designed gift baskets especially for women either undergoing treatment(s) for breast cancer, or to celebrate the end of treatments. I've collected some really amazing stuff and I'm excited to begin offering these. So watch for pictures of those on here. And above I've posted the new logo for Pink Poppy created by a woman I "met" on Facebook. It was one of those wonderful divine appointment things. I posted on there asking if anyone knew someone who could take a design I'd found on a pillow and make it into a logo. I was so humbled by the number of responses I got, but the first true commitment one was from a woman whose Facebook name is "Scarlett Caesar". Turns out she's a graphic artist in Alaska, of all places, and said she could do it pretty quick. We exchanged a couple of quick messages about tweaking it to make it "original" and by the next morning I had the most perfect logo! Then, nearly as an afterthought, she told me that her mom has breast cancer and will be having a mastectomy in a couple of weeks. Like I said... divine appointment.

So anyhoo... here I am again... and I hope I'll be around a little longer this time. Let me know your thoughts. Hugs and love!