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Friday, February 12, 2010


Sometimes I joke that I don't really MAKE art, I just read books about it. And it's even kinda true. As inspiration and/or time have not always coincided, I find I can feed my soul by looking at others' art. And usually the juices will get going and I'll do SOMETHING... even if it's clear out and reorganize my supplies. But I also occasionally create, as evidenced by the numerous items I sold at the local art center's holiday gallery. Soooo... I took a portion of that money and reinvested it in.... yup, you guessed it.... BOOKS! (Editorial note: I also confessed to myself yesterday that I am a collector of books... books make me happy, and if I NEVER create from them again, they alone are worth my time. So there, nagging conscience!....).

Anyhoo.... these books I got are WONDER-FULL! Take a gander...

This one is page after page after page of incredible recycled/reused/repurposed art. I have to look at it in small doses to prevent sensory overload.

I am so excited about this one. It's a series of exercises to introduce new techniques and jump-start creativity. FUN FUN FUN!

And this one is.... well, it's just.... lovely. The author has chronicled her own symbolisms and poetry, and then included simple exercises for those of us reading to sensitize our own thought processes and interpretations. Assemblage is an art form I've done a few things in, but lately have felt a tugging to explore more of. So I'm really thrilled at this lovely guide.

There ya have it - my new inspirations! Now... about that time thing....

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