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I'm a passionate God-chaser who is longing to squeeze as much out of this life as was intended. I'm searching for answers and a deeper relationship with Abba, and in the meantime I want to explore my life and myself and other people in every way possible. And it's highly likely that my passion for mixed media art will occasionally be the vehicle I accomplish that with. Stay tuned...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 and beyond...

So.... happy belated New Year everyone. *deep breath* I'm going to attempt to create a fresh beginning. Not entirely new, as I am bringing with me way too many things I'm reluctant or determined not to let go of. But maybe better? I hope better. I've entered this new year asking a lot of questions and (for the most part) being willing to wait patiently for the answers. Some are personal, some involve others, and even a couple involve my life in general. By the time 2008 ended I discovered (with great surprise on my part) that I had run out of steam. Because of a series of events that happened earlier in the year, combined with the emotional and spiritual roller coaster of the past 2-3 years, I just didn't have anything left. Or that's how it seemed. And I'm even beginning to suspect that this may be the biggest blessing of all - reaching the end of me, so that Someone BIGger and better can pick me up and show me a much better Way. *sigh* So. Here I am. I've tried to change the appearance somewhat... but I'm sure I'll change it again. I'm trying to add more creative endeavors to my life (like art journaling more often), and I want for them to spill over in here. My dear friend Elizabeth has inspired me to keep pushing forward on getting my art studio reorganized, but also downsized dramatically so that I can actually USE what I have managed to accumulate. And following her lead, I will be posting pictures of my journeys - beginning there, but also beyond. To all who might be reading this, thank you for being a part of my life. And let's have a glorious fresh year! Love & hugs.