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I'm a passionate God-chaser who is longing to squeeze as much out of this life as was intended. I'm searching for answers and a deeper relationship with Abba, and in the meantime I want to explore my life and myself and other people in every way possible. And it's highly likely that my passion for mixed media art will occasionally be the vehicle I accomplish that with. Stay tuned...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Starting over

OK, it has been so long since I have posted anything I wonder if anyone will even notice... possibly one or two will. And so much has happened! Dorcas is officially "real". Yes, all legalities have been fulfilled (including IRS approval as a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit - which means all donations are tax deductible! woo hoo!). The web site is up and running, complete with resource info (www.dorcasproject.org) and we have even given away our first "Dorcas Doll" to a woman undergoing treatment. And now.... drum roll, please.... we are about to debut officially into the community! The most exciting news lately is that we are definitely set for our first fundraising event, and it promises to be wonderful. Are you ready??? Come one, come all to the 1st Annual Benefit Art Bra Exhibit & Silent Auction!!! It's entitled "ART BRAS: A SHOW OF SUPPORT" and will be held October 24 & 25, 2008, in the glorious new art gallery - EXHIBIT ONE (check out their website - www.xonegallery.com). The silent bidding will culminate on Saturday evening during the wonderful reception planned (catered & wine tasting included), and besides the viewers voting for their "People's Choice" entry (which will receive a special award), we will be photographing the entries for inclusion in a fundraising calendar for 2009. Can you tell I'm pumped??? These 3 women (two sisters and their mother) who own this gallery have made such a wonderful impact on our community by providing an upscale art gallery. I am so humbled and grateful to them for taking on our project, and I look forward to learning a lot from them as they assist me in promoting both Dorcas and the upcoming exhibition. So stay tuned for more info as I get it - including the call for entries which will be open to ARTISTS EVERYWHERE (hint hint!!!!). And if you're having trouble visualizing what the heck I'm talking about with an "art bra" exhibit - check out these great web sites (yes, the idea was NOT original with me, alas...) - www.showusyourbra.com, www.la-art.co.uk/Exhibitions/E122.php, www.wtww.org/exhibition_bras.htm.

I promise - I'm going to try to stay more current with my postings. It won't be everyweek, but I vow to do better. And who knows? Maybe I'll even have some art to post on here again. I did play a week or so ago, painted layers on wonderful paper, which I then tore into smaller sheets and bound together with embellished recycled book covers for my own impromptu art journalling of quotes & scriptures touching me lately. It was a great exercise and I even liked the results. I'll try to post a pic or two sometime soon.

Until then, lovely artists, keep creating and keeping me inspired! Love & hugs to you all!


Elizabeth said...

Wooo Hooo You are posting again!!
I am so excited about the gallery showing, I have been thinking about my submission for quite awhile, so I am jazzed and ready to go!!
Now I want to see pictures of this journal that you made and now I am off to check out this new art Gallery. Multi is going to be REALLY sorry that they turned you down!!!!!
Wouldn't you just know it that a place like this would open in town after I left Stillwater!!!!!

Big Hugs!!

inventivesoul said...

Mo, I posted the details to the sidebar of the Think Pink Charms blog.
Please take a look!